Monday, August 22, 2005

Run till you drop!

Ahhh!! So many things going on in my Life...

I use to visit and read the usual blogs at the left of this post, then visit what they read and it is incredible how all of us tend to share the same situations once in life. I have felt connected with many people in many ocassions just because what they type reminds me of something I felt once...

And these people type and type like maniacs, sharing almost every second of their life to us cybernauts. In the past days I've been feeling like I want to run and hide, and run back again until I drop. Run till you drop! How is it that even in one of the hardest moments in my life -emotionally speaking- I get to be so optimistic and pushed forward? Somebody please explain!! I even went to read some of my depressive and few blog postings in text... so full of irony! Just love it!

I know I cannot portrait today in words all the feelings in me, there is no need since I don't even know what I am feeling. The end of a chapter and the begining of a blank page! If it were only as easy as typing this blog... perhaps it is easier?

One breath at a time.

Tears that I cried? Countless... But afterall there is no more space for sadness now. And how beautiful sadness and depression can be. It reminds you of the beautiful moments lived, and how just by the simple chance of being alive it also reminds you that it's not all lost. It's never lost. Ahhh, I don't think I will be able to put my life in so much detail as other text bloggers, to me this exorcism is enough for me... Perhaps you'll see what Life will bring me by following the photographs.

Today the very first photograph of a one month of travel that just ended. This thrusday another trip that might start to appear in my blog in 2 months, since I have 50 photographs already edited for your gracious eyes of this Florida trip. Thank you for keep on visiting and for not minding the empty spots when I couldn't post anything.

Say Cheese!!!


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