Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sound of the previous day

I spent half the day packing one box, that I have been packing for almost 3 days... Different music in the background... In my car, untouched since I arrived back in Fort Lauderdale, the same Jamiroquai CD (background information, that was my first CD ever... I know, CDs and internet arrived quite late in my life, but as my usual say... better late than never)...

As Roberto says, "the soundtrack of my life" today (yesterday) was solely "travelling without moving", quite an inspiring title for this particular moment in my life when I am going places by just closing my eyes... Time to think and be myself... Anyways, for those who also enjoy reading me: YOU SHOULD BETTER COME OVER HERE AND HELP ME PACK THOSE FREAKING BOXES!! LOL!!!

Song of the day is called "Everyday"...
(Funny how can I miss someone now that I got back to silence.. Shhh.. he'll never know ;))

Yes I do
Baby, maybe, we can spend a little time
Together now that we're alone
So long I have been waiting
Now can't you let me take you home

All these things we do
Will make our dreams come true
You want me, and
I surely want you
Tell me where to go
Tell me what I need to know
To take you on a little ride

Hold me, control me
Let me circumnavigate your body mind & soul
Like a, seed from a flower
I can grow and you must know
Sadness, don't mean a thing
Cos, you and me girl, you know we're in the swing
All the things that I want to get with
You on a midsummer night
In the evening light
(The) sweet evening light

All, all I want from you baby, is sweet loving you
No, I know, yes, I know
I know what I want from you girl, we can make it right
We can hold onto each other tight,
Lose our inhibitions
Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh

Every little thing we do is good
Every little thing you see is sweet
Every little part of you I'd like to meet
I want you girl, you know I want you
I want you in the evening light

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