Tuesday, May 10, 2005

En las noticias..

Sometime last week I was contacted by Natalia Estefania Botero, a journalist for the colombian newspaper called... El Colombiano! She was writing an article on blogs, and I was one of 'The Chosen' ones, she was interested about. Feel free to have a pick at http://www.elcolombiano.terra.com.co/BancoConocimiento/C/construya_su_propio_blog/construya_su_propio_blog.asp?CodSeccion=10, just click the title of this blog..

The article is in spanish, and it funnily mentions the funky story of my previous computer 'Nomada', a loyal Compaq Presario that 'survived' when I ran over it.: the hard disk is intact, the screen is ... well.. dead. Photographs of nomada are found in the february/march archive of this blog.

Este es un saludo tambien a toda la gente que por medio del articulo ha entrado a esta pagina. Han entrado mas de 50 personas el dia de hoy.. y sigo contando...

"Por aqui a la orden"!


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