Friday, July 01, 2005

on the go

Yesterday I slept two hours before catching a flight to my parent's home... As a welcome, I was granted a tour throughout the city I lived for 4 years, the city I leave 10 months ago. (My mom needed me to do some arrangements for her, that was one of the reasons of my trip). After few hours of driving back and forth Miami, I see myself happily arriving to the house, several hours after my arrival, 8 to be more precise... And, as another Welcome, a box is given to me, not quite much as a gift, but as the wireless hardware to install the network at my parent's house!!

hahaha!! Welcome home!!!!

This little epic is just to apologize to my first timers, or regular and not so regular visitors for not being able to upload any photograph for yesterday and until new notice (you'll notice ;) . I am just... knackered!

Photographs will be your way ASAP!

Administration JF

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