Tuesday, July 12, 2005

8000 and counting!!

With great joy I come to realize that a thousand visitors have passed since my last 7000 visitors celebration! This is amazing!!! Thanks to the first time visitors who are curious enough to learn about this site, or which by a google interesting mistake ended up looking for 'boarding passes for united airlines" -> we appreciate your business here! Not to mention my growing gratitute to my loyal regulars :)

This time it's also a birthday celebration for this blog. One year, one week and few days ago I started blogging here, the boarding pass started it's process of publishing what I registered a couple of years ago when I bought my first (and current) digital camera. With the daily post I rapidly saw myself in quest of new photographs to keep the daily flow, and that's how one year after, with more than 350 photographs posted, my Boarding Pass blog is a faithful showcase of the things that I see everyday. My trips, my fears, my friends... My Life. And it has been a wonderful process not only to share these with you, but to read the comments and ocassional emails that serve as feedback and support.

With the crescent number of my work, I give the news to my faithful visitors that I will soon re-adjust my portfolio and will start programming a solo exhibition, hopefully in the not so far future. I shall keep you posted!

To all visitors,

Thank you!


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