Sunday, July 01, 2007


When I announced to my friends my candidacy on my doctorate path, everyone congratulated me for my ABD status... Wanting to keep my confidence-look I later asked one of my most reserved friends what "ABD" meant.

"All But Dissertation" - but of course! But to me, ABD goes for "ALL BUT DONE"!

Anyways, I took a moment from editing some photos that I intend to post here SOON, to write about it! How much of a researcher thing to do! lol. To write about what I am going to do before I actually do it. (sorry, perhaps I am writing to myself now.) Life has brought me many sweet other things that have kept me away from taking photographs, and so, I am selling my complicated and quite good camera, to get a more portable one so that I am able to share my views of the world with you more instantly.

In a nutshell, Life has taken care of keep my happy and busy enough to live a fulfilled and plentyfull one. I just need to find a simpler system to keep the sharing. But regardless, I love the feeling of being All But Done with this existence. So much to do, so much to see... Amazing...


Me :)

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