Friday, August 25, 2006

With friendships you can almost always point were they started. If they are good, you loose count of months and years. I just shared an amazing time with the best friend I could have ever have and the odometer keeps counting... Time together or appart is never an issue with my friend. Gracias, Parce :) Posted by Picasa


  1. ¡Me gustó la foto! Siempre he sentido debilidad por cómo la señalética y el mobiliario urbano se combinan con la arquitectura y dan a nuestros ojos esas imágenes tan citadinas cargadas de información,

    ¡Saludos señorita!

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    pues si! y aqui toy y aqui seguire. :)para mi parce del alma.