Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's gone...

For the post of today and perhaps for the following days I have to apologize as I foresee there won't be any photographs posted until future notice.

It happens that a very evil thunderstorm fried my laptop, the modem and aparently my TV too. I am very worried as the new photographs that I was editing for the little Solo show in September were there, and now the only back-up computers that I have are a G3 that I bought for $30 and has never been tested and lacks a screen, and the laptop I ran over with a rental car in January 2005... Well, there is always humour in this Life and apparently there is no such thing as a 'normal' day, huh?

The only thing that I hope... well, there are two things that I hope for. The first, magical and most unrealistic one is that the computer will wake up from its temporary coma and keep functioning as nothing... I hope the few tears that I pour on top of him won't affect him more. The second hope, still in the Miracles Realm is that the hard drive didn't suffer much, and that I can recover the information... at least my Photographs... and my school work Pleeeaasseee.... Well, I can always keep adding to my list of unrealistic hopes that some magical and anonymous sponsor will buy me a computer, (which will be likely to stop working under severe conditions... perhaps next time it will fall out of a plane or something... But still...)

Ahhhh..... S.O.S....

In the meantime... if I manage to force myself into a good mood, I might try to post some mental images for you to enjoy... At the moment I can only post despair and unrealistic hopes.




  1. Siento mucho saber que te vas, pero me alegra pensar que no dejarás de tomar fotos.
    Saludos, te invito a conocer mi nuevo espacio.

  2. Hola Rana!

    Bueno, el viaje es temporal, mientras logro recuperar el disco duro y editar las nuevas fotos... Cruzando los dedos no sera mucho tiempo. Estare visitando tu pagina en 3,2,1..

  3. Thats sad to hear even if I dont speak spanish. Hope you recover your notebook and your data. I keep my fingers crossed since there are a lot of treasures in there I guess.

  4. Allo!!
    Como va la recuperacion? Ya extraño tus imagenes... besos.