Thursday, June 09, 2005

More than 7000

I know, I know.. I should be heading soon to the office. But I need to celebrate whoever was the visitor 7000!

It is going to be almost a year that I have been posting photographs everyday and eventhough I don't write that much here, those who know me and have the luck of receiving one on my 'novel' emails, know how much I love to write. Some of these jewels of Julianistic literature can also be found like 'a needle in ...' this blog, among a collection of 316 photographs, and counting... And apparently today, is one of those needles!

From those 7000 visitors, I've seen many regulars: from Colombia, Mexico, France, Japan, and all over the US. I wonder how the experience of seeing my photographs has been to each one of them, yet thanks to this blog 'technology' I can present my work everyday, open to the public who is free to come and go, write me an email or comment. It has been a rewarding experience..

In actual fact visitor No.7000 comes from Colombia!!

Thanks for reading, thanks for comming. Hope that my Nomadic photographic adventures touches most of you... More to come in the future, there is always more to come.

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